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Debbie started on the spiritual path with "Siddhartha" at age 12. Finding Yoga has been the most life enhancing practice Debbie has experienced so far and she is loving every minute of the growth that has been found.

After years of practicing with many wonderful and experienced teachers, she moved in to the teaching arena through the guidance of Bob Smith and Ki McGraw. Recently, teaching has been substituting for the Yoga Teachers of Guam at the Azotea and Synergy Yoga Studio and doing Karma Yoga with the Island Girl Power Club.

Spending the last 4 years on self study and doing much introspection brought her to studying with Joseph & Lillian LePage, and completing her 500 hour Yoga Therapist Certifiction with Integrative Yoga Therapy. Yoga Therapy has become her passion and she prefers working individually with students and assisting them in finding their wholeness and true joy in life. She looks forward to this work and the future of our Yoga Community on Guam.


Debbie helping her grandaughter Riley find a handstand.

Meditating with her grandaughters at the Azotea .

Debbie & Olympia in Brazil practicing Padma Mudra
by a mountain stream.



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